3 months postpartum!

I wanted to talk about postpartum and how the past three months have been for me in this new world we live in.

Let me give you a brief summary leading up to now. My husband and I decided to try one last time to have a child before we turned 35. We said if we can't get pregnant then we will just not try anymore and live our life as the best aunts and uncles on the planet. So we started trying Feburary of 2020 and boom.... April of 2020 I found out I was pregnant. Covid- 19 had just really started and I had no idea how different things were going to be with this crazy pandemic that was set to happen, there were positives and negatives!

Ill start with the negatives, because everything was unknown, we were locked down, my husband couldn't come to the pre-natal appointments with me, we were to scared to go anywhere which meant no holidays with the family, which as you can imagine was very depressing for a first time mom to be. My baby shower was not normal because you could only have 10 people in one place at a time ( my sister did amazing putting it together considering the circumstances). I began to get high anxiety watching our world crumble, and knowing I am brining a human into this crazy place. I thought will my son ever know what its like to not wear a mask in public? Will he see peace and equality? I began to convince myself that this pandamic shall pass and there will be good from it.

The positives, I was able to stay home from work, this was a huge plus in the first trimester because I was so sick, not having to get dressed was amazing. I was able to go on so many more nature walks, I was able to eat healthy. My husband and I grew closer than ever. I didnt get sick because I stayed home! I probably drove my car 5 times all of last year. Saved money becuase we didn't do anything. I was able to stay up on moisterizing my body so I didnt get any stretch marks ( yes I mosterized 3 times a day) it worked!!!

When Zade was born we didn't have ANY visitors, to some you may think this is a negative but we took it as a positive because we didn't have to worry about keeping our friends or family entertained. My husband and I were able to enjoy the time with our son, which to me is most important, if I have any advice I would say tell your loved ones to wait until you get home to come visit. There are moments that we experienced that I don't think we would have if people were there.

Fast forward, we come home and we settle in. Zade has become an amazing eater, infact he is now double his weight from when he was born. He has been an average sleeper, thats with the help of some online classes and a book I read called "Taking Cara Babies". The woman, Cara who teaches these classes and wrote the book is amazing. Zade would not be where he is at with out the knowledge she shares. Every week in Zades life has been different, its so crazy to watch your baby grow in your belly then watch him grow outside your belly, he is so special, I cry just looking into his deep blue eyes... okay where am I going with this........ Month three and I feel like im doing really well with this mom thing. I feel like google is both my best and worst enemy. Breastfeeding is VERY hard and I give so much credit to moms who are able to breast feed, I still am pushing through but I aways think about how formula would make life easier. I would like to also mention that no matter what, formula or breastfeeding all that matters is a fed baby is a happy baby, and NEVER EVER feel bad if you can not breast feed. Everything has its pro's and con's. Google really does make you feel like crap if you dont breast feed and thats just not fair. Also, the nurses and doctors make you feel like crap if you dont either. TOTALLY not fair!! Right now Zade is starting to go through some sleep regression and we have noticed that when we " dream feed" him he will sleep longer through the night. Dont know what a "dream feed " is? Its when you carefully pick your baby up as he/she is sleeping and feed them while they are sleeping. They instinctivley will drink and swallow, and even burp but will be sleeping the entire time. It works like magic if you can get the hang of it. It took my husband and I a few times, but once we did the dream feed succesfully it worked like a charm. I know that the next few weeks with his sleep regression are going to be a huge learning experiance for me and I want to be able to share what I learn with new mothers, and we would love to hear what has worked for you. So I will just leave you here and say that Zade has not slept ALL day and he fights us everysingle time we put him down... welp I gotta go... to be continued.




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