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I wanted to start this weeks post letting everyone who read our last post about 3 months postpartum that Zade is still not sleeping through the night. I have tried just about everything, he is napping really well so that is good. We are still trying to figure out his schedule but he is definitely challenging us with his sleep regression. We think he might be smelling my breastmilk and that is what keeps waking him up in the middle of the night. Weird, I know, but apparently its a thing. Our neighbor had the same issue, she ended up putting her daughter in her own bedroom at night and BOOM she started sleeping through the night, so we may try that soon but for now I will still be keeping his cute butt next to me. First time mom over here and I am terrified for Zade to sleep in his room alone.

COCO and I decided we are going to dedicate this ENTIRE week to our sons, and how being a boy mom is so amazing and challenges that we have experienced and conqured. We want to show you where we buy our boy clothes and how we are accommidating to their growing needs.

Boys are so hard to shop for, I mean lets face it when you go the baby/kid isle in Target the clothes are 75% girls and 25% boys. It is so hard to find anything unique, Target disappoints us in this category. We have never been more bothered by this until we had boys ourselves. Why is it so hard for larger companies to come up with cute boy clothes? COCO and I have found lots of really cute boutiques and a couple big time names that have started to venture out and cater to boys clothing. COCO shops at Abercrombie & Fitch Kid's alot for Kaden. She finds the CUTEST stuff there . Little 6 year old (almost 7) Kaden is always in stlye, and like most boys that like to dress their best. They have tons of comfy sweat pants and sweat shirts. We also both love H&M! H&M has THE CUTEST boy clothes and they are not expensive at all. Janie and Jack is a really cute boutiqe that has matching sets for the family too.

This week COCO and I will be posting on our instagram and pages, all of our favorites for our boys. Let us know what you think!

Fun fact, Kaden and Zade are technically "half brothers" , How?, You might ask! COCO and I date identical twins, so they have the same DNA, Which means if a doctor looked at Zades DNA and Kadens DNA it would look as if they had the same father but different mothers. Pretty cool huh?

Speaking of our men, their names are Chase (KK) and Tyler ( COCO). They have some really good stories growing up as identical twins..... Should we do an interview with them and post about their funny experiences? What do you think ? Let us know.

As always, Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great week.


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