Cozy Home Wrapping Paper Guide

I come from a home where the packaging matters. My mom was, and still is, amazing at wrapping gifts for the holidays! She would have all kinds of old Christmas magazines spread out all over the floor, then cut out her most favorite pictures of Chris Kringle laughing, a warm fireplace or heavy frosted pines. Then make these photos into the most amazing gift tag for that special person she had in mind.

If you know me personally, then you have received a gift from me once or twice in our lifetime. I love to create beautiful looking gifts, I guess I got that hidden talent from my mom. The wrapping paper, the ribbon, the name tags, the accessories... its all in the details.

◾️The Wrapping Paper: This should represent your home decor. The details in your home will represent how you feel about Christmas and the spirit you bring into your home, so the wrapping will do the same for you and all of your guests! These sheets are from The Sugar & Spice Etsy Shop. She hand draws all of her wrapping paper and gift tags. How much more special can it be?! 🤍

C&K Tip: Always make sure you are not using too much wrapping paper. It should not overfold on its self when you go to tape it together. If it does, undo it and re-cut it.

◾️The Ribbon: Dusty blue is a trend this year for Christmas ribbon! We are going to be adding it to our kraft paper & the top left wrapping paper this year! Get creative and add some neutral twine or twister paper ribbon {featured green with the word wrapping paper above} with the ribbon.

C&K Tip: The ribbon does not have to be perfect, I think it looks better when the ribbon does not lay perfect to the gift box. Get un-traditional with the ribbon pattern too! Wrap it a couple times around the top from side to side, leaving few space between each strand. Do the same thing for the middle of the gift box too! Another way to add ribbon is to start with the box laying down on its face {the side you want everyone to see} with the ribbon on the ground beneath it, bring it up and criss cross, then angle it to wrap around the other two sides you do not have ribbon on. Flip the box, and tie a knot. Dont tie a bow, but let the ribbon hang against the box. This is a good one to add your favorite accessory too {mentioned below}!

◾️The Name Tag: Here is where you can get fancy! We all know that St. Nicholas has his own name tags, so make yours just as special. Cut out pictures from a magazine like my mom does, or buy some already cut from a small business {like pictured above}. They are the least expensive item for gift wrapping, so we can add a little more to make them pop! Grab a Christmas stamp & an ink pad, stamp each tag with your most loved quote, and sign it, Merry Christmas!

C&K Tip: Keep your name tags rather simple and all the same. A nice small quote on one side {the side that will show}, and your signature on the other is perfect. Make sure to add the name tag before you tie that bow!

◾️Accessories: One of the best parts! Bells were a huge hit in our home last year for gift wrapping and we are definitely going to be bringing them back this year! I found these magical tree shaped tiny bells, perfect for that added touch. You can also use fresh or faux greenery!

C&K Tip: Keep in mind these are accessories. Place one on every four or five gifts. You don't want them on every single one under the tree.

Rule of thumb, just like home decor, have three different shades of wrapping paper all under the tree. You can also use two as well! Use what you have from last year and incorporate a new one in this year. Have a solid color {we like to use plain kraft paper, its easy to work with and to add to any decor} and a pattern. Pile the boxes on top of each other until you have a welcoming Christmas tree. 🤍

Thank you for stopping by and taking time out of your day to support our love for cozy home gift wrapping! Having beautiful gifts under your tree brings so much joy and happiness to the ones around you! I am not meaning materialistically, I mean the sight of all the love that went into creating your beautiful tree scene will put a smile on someones face! Trust us!

Do you have any Christmas memories from growing up that you still remember? Did your mom, dad, grandma or grandpa have any traditions that you incorporate in your home now? We want to know! Comment below or send us an email!



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