Engagement Party!

Ty & I have been together for eight years. Wow, writing it down seems longer than saying it out loud 🤣 We will be having an engagement party instead of a bridal shower. We have everything we would like for our home and we feel like celebrating our engagement should be a priority!

Our engagement party will be at our home in Caledonia with our closest friends & family. KK & I will be decorating it and can't wait to share our ideas!

Woop! Woop! 🥂

Here is how we are going to create the perfect engagement party!


We created the invite on Canva and will sending it out via text or email. That way it's not as formal as a wedding invitation & guests will know they can just shoot us a text or email us with questions.


Food truck!

I know, you are probably thinking, seriously? 😆

We don't want our engagement party to be as elegant as our wedding. It should be a relaxed, not worrying about making food, kind of atmosphere.

What food truck would you prefer?

Taco's or pizza?

How cute though! Something different for your guests to enjoy. The best part, no clean up! The clean up literally drives away! 😆


Creating & designing signature drinks for your guests to choose from is so intimate. It also works as a talking piece for your guests who don't know each other. Hire a family friend bartender to make the drinks for you, so you have time to mingle! Don't forget to name your drinks! 😉 We will be having our drinks made on our outdoor patio!


Have something that is customized to the happy couple like a sign in front of the entryway saying "Cheers to the happy couple" or "She said yes!" This will attract your guests even more, which will make them even more excited to celebrate with you! Check out this custom made white neon sign saying "The Pepera's" for above our outdoor bar. We found an amazing Etsy store (TheLovelyGlassJar) where you can create the sign online, so you know exactly what it will look like! Shop Here https://www.liketoknow.it/ltk/5FF5ENzZEwFrLDNAUMsCAj

Fresh flowers is a must! It gives your space a fresh & clean feeling. We will be adding eucalyptus in clear vases and have white potted flowers around the patio! Horrocks & The Caledonia Farmers Market will have the perfect stems! We are also looking at ordering a citronella potted plant for a natural mosquito repellent.

Adding pillows and blankets will add

softness to the space! Place them where you want your guests to hangout most, it will look so inviting, they can't resist.

Our #wovennook pillows will be perfect!


Use code: COCOANDKK10 for 10% off your order!

Lighting is everything when the sun goes down! Having a fire going in our #solostove will keep guests warm and add romantic lighting. String lights under the pergola + round pendant lights will keep the relaxed vibes.

Outdoor Games

The cutest bag toss game for our engagement party!

We will be adding in Jenga and Bocce Ball too! Make sure to set up the games before your guests arrive so its out and open, just calling their name to play! 😉

Shop Here https://www.liketoknow.it/ltk/5FF5ENzZEwFrLDNAUMsCAj

Capture the moment

To cherish the party and memories forever, desígnate a friend or family member to go around the party asking married couples for their best advice, anything from wedding planning to the honeymoon, or even long into the marriage years. This should be captured via video, they could use a video camera, go pro, or even something as simple as their phone.


Set the vibe! Playing music is a must. You can do it big and hire a local band to come play or keep it simple and hook up some speakers in your yard, make a play list or just set your favorite station on Pandora, Apple Music or your favorite streaming app for a night of amazing tunes keeping your company entertained all night long.

Shop all of our engagement party picks here ⬇️ https://www.liketoknow.it/ltk/5FF5ENzZEwFrLDNAUMsCAj

If there is anything specific you are wondering about or want more details on our party, let us know! We would be more than happy to help!




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