First Time Mom

Hi everyone, listen this week is going to be SO hard for me. I have to take Zade to daycare for the first time. I have to leave him with complete strangers that I pay a lot of money to. I am trying so hard to mentally prepare myself for this moment. I have thought about so many different scenarios, like, will I cry on the way there? Will I cry there infront of everyone? OR will I wait to cry when I leave. I mean if I am being honest I am crying right now. I am completely terrified, I feel like I could PUKE at any moment. Why do mothers in the USA get so little time on maternity leave? I was lucky enough to get 16 weeks, but I still dont feel like that is enough time. Other countries get up to a year. A year with your newborn baby seems fair.

Anyway, back to me freaking out. HOW THE H.E.double hockey sticks. ( hopefully ya'll caught on to that lol) did you moms do this with out freaking out and ending up on the local news? I feel like Im going to be CRAZY. I need the daycare to love me, I want them to treat Zade with special care. Should I take them donughts every morning? Please message us what and how your first time dropping off your little one at daycare was like and how long it took you to be "ok".

Also, why does daycare cost SO much? Most daycares have 4 babies per caregiver. So I am paying BIG bucks for my son to get 25% of the cargivers attention. UGH!!!

Well I hope that you all are praying for me. I need as many prayers as I can get. I am so nervous about this week that I can hear my heartbeat through my ear everytime I think about it.

Please Pray for me :)



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