Front Porch Fall Inspiration

It's a fall tradition ever year. After moving to the Grand Rapids area in September 2019, we go to the pumpkin patch in Lowell, Michigan called Heidi's Farmstand. They also have the cutest bakery with fresh tasting donuts everyday! If you are in the area and have not been, you need to go!

We always pick out our own pumpkins to carve before trick-or-treating starts. Now that Kaden is 7 and is really into picking his very own pumpkin, it gets pretty competitive when the carving starts. Ty has some artistic ability that I always found so surprising but, inspiring! He always comes up with these very detailed ideas, maps it out on the pumpkin, then begins to carve. Me on the other hand, I do the same toothless smile every year. Traditional, I know, but when it comes to the holidays, I like to keep things traditional in the family.

Decorating the front porch is one of my favorite things to do! Last year we went ALL OUT! We got so many pumpkins, straw bales, & a good number of mums. Now a-days I like to think that simpler is better sometimes. That could come with growing up more and getting older... I am not sure 🤪

Can you see Nala stairing at me in the reflection of this picture? 🤣 This year we only added one mum [ My mom won at a recent baby shower we went to and it accidentally came home with me instead 🙊], three green plants, and pumpkins. Adding the green plants in with the color of the pumpkins brings some life to your entryway. Keep your pumpkins in groups of three if you don't have enough to flow all the way up to your door. The rule of three is always good to remember when picking things for your home.

Add some height next to your door with stools or stand up signs.This sign is pretty cool! Check it out below 😉

I really like to get the grainy creepy looking pumpkins, but this year I seemed really late to the game because they were slim pickings, but according to the Instagram poll we posted, 87% of you have not picked out your pumpkins yet. Soooo... I am not sure what happened there. I love the pumpkins we picked out this year though! Ty has lots of room for his 2021 masterpiece!

This welcome sign is reversible. You know I will be switching it around when it comes time for trick-or-treating! How cute! Click one of the images to shop.

Our door mat comes from a retired Etsy favorite that no longer creates adorable door mats because she is traveling the world in a van her & her husband made! How cool right! I love watching her stories! You can check her out [HERE]

Our girl at Hello Home Market creates amazing door mats! With every purchase, she sends the cutest personalized thank you note. To me, that’s everything and keeps me coming back for more! Take a look at her work [HERE]

The front door rug comes from Target... of course! You can shop that [HERE]

Do you have any traditions that you like to keep alive with your family or friends? We want to know! Maybe we can make them our new traditions! Comment below or send us a message on Instagram!

Thank you for stopping by our blog today! You are the best! We can't wait to hear from you!



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