Guest Bathroom Update Ideas

When we decided to update our guest bathroom from our builder grade fixtures to our own custom picked ones, I was so excited!

Here is what our guest bathroom looked like before!

A huge blank space where we had a mirror for added room if we had a couple staying with us. That way the women had more room to get ready in the morning, or at night.

Our fixtures that came with our home were:

  • Chrome vanity light fixture

  • Chrome faucet {This faucet was very low to the sink as well, so washing your hands or getting a face towel wet was a little too snug.}

  • Chrome hand towel ring

  • Chrome bath towel hook

  • Chrome toilet paper holder

These fixtures are very nice and good quality, we just needed to add a little more edge to this bath to make it more cozy for our guests.

We started with the blank space in the first picture. I immediately knew that floating shelves would use this space really well and provide things to be in reach for our guests too!

We talk about what you should have in your guest bathroom & in reach for your guests in our blog post here. After searching for the perfect floating shelves, I saw some in Hobby Lobby when I was shopping one day. The perfect color and length for what we are going for, they are linked here. Finding decor for these shelves was a blast! World Market was our best friend for these finds. 😍 These black crates are actually for files in your office, but I thought how cute for holding bath towels? I am loving this faux succulent grass hanging out of the pedestal planter. It brings a sense of fresh and clean air to the room. Room spray is a must for guests! Honestly, I loved the packaging for this room spray. Perfect for added decor as well as freshness.

Next we worked on the chrome fixtures. We replaced the bath towel rack, toilet paper holder & the hand towel rack. You can check out this transformation here. Amazing what a little change can do to your room! Here is the breakdown:

For $53 we transformed the look of our bathroom to match our matte black cabinet hardware.

The final touches! Our chrome faucet had to go! We changed it our for a taller, matte black Delta faucet, and wow, what a difference. The instructions were so easy, Ty and I were able to read them and get the new faucet hooked up in under 30 minutes.

Lastly we need to change out our vanity light for an upgraded more modern farmhouse look. I needed help choosing the best vanity light so I turned to our Instagram friends and asked them to choose which one they liked best. I really liked their choice and bought it that day.

We are SO happy with the end results & so wish we would have done it sooner! Does that ever happen to you? You get completed with a project you have had on your to-do list for some time, but really did not want to get started on it in the first place, but you had to... and it was not even that hard to complete in the first place.

Does that make sense? lol

Anyway... what do you think? We are so happy with the end results! Couldn't be happier that our guests now have a more deluxe bathroom to use. It makes you want to use it more... am I right? 🤣

Thank you SO much for stopping by our blog today! You are the best! For more inspiration follow us on Instagram and Pinterest! Cheers! 🥂


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