Last Minute Guest Room Ideas

With the holidays quickly approaching we are getting our guest bathroom's and guest bedroom’s ready. It is so important that your guests are happy and comfortable when they are staying with you. You always hear about the bad overnight experiences from friends or other family members. "The air was so musty" or they had forgotten their toothbrush so they had no choice but to go to sleep without brushing their teeth. 🤢

Let's start with guest bathroom decor & must have necessities. Keep it simple and in reach for your guests so they don't feel guilty about asking you where the headache medicine is at 5:00 in the morning. 🤕


One way to keep items in sight is to have open shelving. This is the perfect way to keep things in reach for your guests, but also keep it feeling homey for them.

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Style your shelves by adding height & color. We have two open shelves in our bathroom. The bottom one is lower for easy guest access. Here is where we keep:

{Left > Right}

Face Towels

Extra Body Soap

Cotton Rounds


Extra Body Wash,Shampoo & Conditioner

Toilet Spray

& Lotion

The top shelf is great for height & to add your favorite framed quote or picture. Here is also where we added our color in the faux hanging down plant.

C&K Home Tip: Adding height to your room makes it appear bigger. When an object is closer to the ceiling, it draws the eye higher, creating that illusion. ☺️


Another way to help keep items in reach for your guests is to use your vanity drawers in a particular order. The top drawer or first drawer needs to be the one that has the important items in plain sight {this is where the headache medicine should be.} You can find these clear organizers at Target for $2.00 & under.

Here we keep:

Headache Medicine/Pain Reliever

First Aid Kit





Makeup Remover Wipes


Shaving Cream

Dry Shampoo

Lint Rollers

& Deodorant

{When you move the makeup remover bin & pain reliever bin the shaving cream & razors are underneath. These items will not need to be used often, so keeping them here is the perfect spot.}

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The next drawer or bottom drawer is a good place to keep those bigger items that your guest may have forgotten to pack as well.

Here is where we keep:

Blow Dryer


& Straightener

We keep a Clorox toilet wand under the sink as well for easy cleanup. I have found that some of your guests will come over and want to leave the place just the way you left it for them. I guess it is a two way street if you think about it. As a host, you want to make sure your guest feels most comfortable when they are away from home & as a guest, you don't want to leave your temporary home a mess.


Clean, comfy, cozy & warm! Your guest bedroom needs to be the most inviting room in your home! Make it to where your guest wants to jump right in the freshly made bed right when they walk in!

Start with white or near white sheets. Having white sheets makes the room & bed feel clean. Create a comfy look by adding big & oversized pillows. For the first pillow layer{green pillows in this photo} we like to use size 26x26 or 24x24 on our king size bed. We like to add three or two here for the first layer. [If you have a queen or full bed use the same size, just use two instead of three.] For the second layer, use two sizes smaller to add dimension. Finish your comfy look with a large lumbar pillow with high texture! Here, KK uses her crochet cover with corner tassels.

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C&K Home Tip: Make your pillows different textures and patterns that you use together. Our favorite three to use together are: 1. solid color Velvet/cotton/corduroy. 2. Simple pattern. 3. High texture calm color and/or tassels. You can mix and match our three favorites as your first layer, second or third.

Add coziness to your room with a throw blanket on top of your comforter. This throw should be an oversized throw blanket with a dense texture and heavy cloth. Make it bright and colorful or calm and clean. Grab a color that matches your patterned pillow to really make it come together.

Create the warmth of the room with a frame above the bed. KK adds her Christmas garland around the homey home decor sign to create a warm and fuzzy feeling for her guests. Doesn't it just make you tired looking at her room? 😴

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C&K Home Tip: We like to keep our guest bed made with the comforter and pillows only when guests are not staying with us. When we have guests coming over, that is when we make the bed and the room. That way the sheets are fresh and not accumulated with dust.


Just like the bathroom, you need to have certain items around the room to finalize the ultimate guest getaway. Here is what we have found over the years of hosting that is essential to keep in the bedroom.

Fresh scent: Of course you know, PURA is out go-to for home fragrance. I am not kidding when I tell you, we get the most compliments on how nice it smells in our homes. We like to keep PURA lavender in our guest room to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Pillow Spray: Lavender here too! Spray it on your guests pillows before they arrive. Then when they lay their head down at night, its a fresh, non overwhelming sleep.

Phone Charger: Have one stashed away in the bedside table drawer [on each side].

Snack Trey: On the bed, have a trey filled with water, easy snacks, small decor, books or magazines.

Portable Humidifier: So important to have one on the bedside table for your guests. Add distilled water before they arrive. Even add a drop or two of eucalyptus, peppermint & chamomile for a clean airway all night long.

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