Monday Morning Snooze

What does your Monday morning look like? Coco & Kk need their coffee before their boys wake up to break the morning in. We all like to hit that snooze button in the morning to add 5 or 10 more minutes in our warm bed. Waking up just 5 or 10 more minutes before the rest of the family wakes up gives us our own time to welcome the week ahead. Try it! Grab your comfy robe and tip toe to that coffee maker. Find a cozy spot in your home where you feel relaxed and warm. Listen to the sounds around you and watch the sun come up. Coco will usually get 15-20 minutes before her 6 year old will wake up and sneak in some morning snuggles. Kk takes 15 quiet minutes in the morning, then can't wait to wake up her 2 month old to see him stretch and smile.

Have a wonderful week babes! - COCO & KK <3


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