Spring Fashion

Oh Joy to the world, here we are in March of 2021 all wanting, praying and hoping that we get to actually wear our cute new spring outfits in public this year. I mean, lets face it everyone had their new cute outfit last year that they loved, and couldn't wear!! Oh and most of us gained the infamous "Covid-15" so buying new spring clothes to fit this year is a must! Lets just all agree to wear some bright leggings! No?....Okay!

Let me help you hide the extra weight that 2020 so rudely gave to us! Large oversize tops are in!! YES, we can hide our swiss cake rolls under our tops!

For work, get an oversized blazer with a silk or cashmere shirt that fits on your chest area and is a bit loose on your stomach. If you need to dress up for an event, get a high wasted skirt and match it with a cute fitted top, keep it basic solid bright color, and slip on some cute nude wedges, this style is good for any body type, it hugs in all the right places.

I don't know about you but I feel like im a superstar walking out of the house, freshly showered, wearing my jeans and a cute top, my hair and makeup is looking its best..... then it hits you, DARN, no one is even going to see or recognize this beautiful master piece under this mask!The only choice we have right now is to just match our mask with our outfit, I mean it brings back that superstar feeling just a little? A lot of brands are making masks to match their new clothing lines so no worries we can still look our best on Easter Sunday.

Speaking of Easter, what are you going to wear? I gathered some cute pieces from J Crew because the are currently having their spring sale with 40% off.

Click on our Link for Instagram and LIKEtoKNOWit where you can shop the J Crew outfits I put together :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

COCO & KK <3

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