You're Glowing

Hi Friends,

I hope that you all had a wonderfull weekend. All you Michiganders were probably outside enjoying the beautiful weather that we were blessed with. We worked on the yard and spent quality time with our friend's.

With consistant warmer days ahead, we want to share how we take care of ourselves and what we are doing to stay hydrated and healthy, also how we keep our skin glowing and our hair and nails looking their best. Its boat season and we know how important it is to stay healthy so we can feel good all day everyday.

Lets start with how we stay hydrated, we have shared in past posts that we LOVE to drink lemon water. Nothing is better than some high quality H2O. Lemon water has many health benefits but most of all it helps you stay hydrated.

Skin is our largest organ so we need to protect it. We like to use collagen, and mix it with our orange juice in the morning and its so good because the orange juice is already pulpy, so you don't taste it at all. Its definetly a game changer and is helping our stomach skin get firmier from having babies, we didnt notice a change right away, it took about 7 weeks, and we are so happy we didnt stop because we are noticing our stretch marks fade away. So just be consistant. Consistancy is key when it comes to trying new products. We are also taking Hum vitamans glow sweet glow. We just started them but they had amazing reviews, so we will let you know how we feel about those in a later post.

When we are out in the sun we like to use Coola and Neutrogena (yellow bottle) they work really well for eczema or sensitive skin and SunBum for normal skin types.

Also for foundation we like to use the "IT BB cream", it has 50 SPF and works really well and will stay on for at least 12 hours.

KK is taking Post Natal vitamans that are helping her with keeping her milk supply for baby Zade and keeping her skin, hair and nails FABULOUS. COCO is taking a womans multivitamin that has really helped her nails and skin as well, both are made by Natures Bounty.

We hope to keep sharing all of our products with you and will continue to let you know exactly where to get them and if they are on sale.

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Have an amazing week!

Love COCO & KK <3


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